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Dragon Fire

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Dragon Fire Panacea Against Exam Stress

This is an early ‘Saturday’ post. Still three more hours to go ’till midnight, but by then I will probably have passed out on the couch. Or halfway up the stairs, in a desperate attempt to reach my bed. The first exam week of the second period is over, and it was exhausting. Students can relax for two days, and so can we. Next week, two more written exams and then back to lessons for eight weeks. After which the whole circus starts anew.

No matter how well everything has been organized, there will always be unexpected events. PC tests that decide to block all students, profiles that are corrupt and suddenly crash, traffic jams causing students to be late, uncertainty about the right location. With me running back and forth to try and solve the problems. And all of this under the highest stress, since so much depends on the results. The management has forbidden me to ever take a day off, let alone plan a holiday, during the exam periods. And I’m dreaming of nothing else.

But for now the stress is gone. And the excitement of the weekend is building up. I won’t be able to post much, because I’ll be cruising the Dutch roads to the north. A road trip that will take me to the dark caverns and uncanny places of the Underdark. Another weekend of fooling around with imaginary Dungeons & Dragons. In D&D: Drow of the Underdark I have explained a bit about this wonderful Role Playing Game (RPG). And if you are not geeked out after reading it, you can follow our Underdark adventures in my D&D blog Dungeon Dutchess.

Above all though, this weekend will be filled with friendship, hanging out with four wonderful people whom I have know for ten years now. And though we live ‘far’ apart – what is ‘far’ in a tiny country like Holland? – and are far apart in age (twenty years), we still meet every two months to roll the dice, to make up creative adventures, have dinner together, watch movies and talk about past, present and future. Friends through thick and thin.

Cheers. To friendship.


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Caretaker of males, both human and feline. No lady, but all woman. Avid reader and photographer. Determined to find writing time during busy days. And nights if needed. Because I need you to meet the wonderful people who are living in my mind.

16 thoughts on “Dragon Fire

  1. You are so lucky to have a D&D friend group. I was introduced to it by our oldest son, but never really had the time, (or friends to play with). Sounds like fun.


  2. Have a very nice weekend. With lot’s of love friendschip and laughter. So you have enough energy for the rest of the exams & stress. With love. xxx


  3. Thanks, Mar…and those dang professors, LOL, what do they know? heh heh…you’ve given me a smile, a rare one these last few days, hugs to you, too. And enjoy your journey through time with good friends this weekend 😉


    1. Those dang professors need us – the infantry 😉 – to keep their feet attached to the earth! They tend to forget to connect to us, mere humans, in their enthusiastic and sometimes impractical ideas.
      Glad I made you smile. Life is better when you smile, Roxie, the corners of your mouth will uplift your heart. Come here for another hug. The love for our hairy friends can be painful, but we still love them like crazy. Remember your work buddy with a smile. But here’s a tissue anyway. It might be a bit wet to one side. Ninja sent down a tear or two.
      Have a good weekend my friend.


  4. Sounds like you have been experiencing a very busy schedule lately. Time off and heading north in Holland is something I would do if I lived there. By the way, I am a big fan of Ajax Amsterdam FC. Love the club.
    Enjoy your vacation.


  5. You deserve a nice weekend away with the friends to play a bit, eat a bit and laugh a lot. Please pass on my hello’s to the crew and many warm hugs. Catch you back on Monday.

    Much love,


  6. to friendship – cheers and breath deeply so you don’t pass out on your way to bed, LOL! glad you made it through this week. What a vicious cycle every 8 weeks, had no idea ;(


    1. The Vman promised to drag me upstairs if I pass out, so my back is covered 😉 The students have enough stress already, they don’t need exam mess-ups, so I’m trying to make it as smooth as possible for them. And often I shout ‘Let’s stop the madness, no more exams!’, but the professors won’t budge haha.
      To friendship, Roxie, and another hug for the loss of your beloved Sango.


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