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Night Off

Yesterday was a day I dreaded. After three weeks of holidays, the yoke of work weighed heavily on my shoulders. But you know what? It is all not so bad.

My team is the best team in the whole world, I love these women. They are a little nuts, straight forward and have a great sense of humor. We chat about almost anything: weekends, children, food, men, hobbies, diets, recipes, sex, shopping, relationships. And apart from that, we work like hell! Seeing their smiles and listening to their crazy stories made me happy to be back. Hello university, did you miss me too? 

The evenings still offer hours of freedom. The Karate work is over, no more worries about the minutes not being ready before the next meeting. Working on minutes takes hours! The first assignment for my company DutchText – checking a thesis on spelling, grammar and syntax – has been completed to great satisfaction of the client. Now let’s hope the student will graduate. Keeping fingers and toes crossed. The column for the university rests in the editor’s mailbox for the night, publication tomorrow.

So tonight I have a night off. Which means sitting behind my computer, eating salted popcorn and drinking tea. Again television lost the fight. Because I want to be here, with you.



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20 thoughts on “Night Off

    1. The good thing about this team is that we are not really ‘woman’-women. There is a bit of ‘maleness’ in our midst. We are very straightforward and don’t shy from saying what we think. I like that 😀
      And you all make being online so much fun *hugs*


  1. It seems that even with a night “off” you got a ton done and it is also lovely to read that you really like the team of ladies that you work with…that can make all the difference when we are at our ropes end with working.

    Much love,


    1. It’s the closeness of the team that keeps us together. And the fun we have is necessary to compensate the stress. You’re right Jules, they make all the difference.
      Let me be your co-worker from a distance, so you can pull through another long day.
      Love ya,


  2. Poor keyboard, wonder how many times you hit it already.
    Also sorry for the mouse who has to make overtime moving from left to right and up and down.
    Yes, mistreat them as much you can, your stories brings us joy.


            1. Of course: the mice were taken, bucket and all, to a place where they lived in cheese paradise happily ever after! 😉

              That picture ooooooooooooooooooooooow, that is a bunch of determined women… Will think about the possibilities hehehe.


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