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No More Karate

Six Word Saturday:


A speech. Flowers. No more Karate.


It is after 1 AM and still I can not sleep. For tonight I said goodbye to fifteen years of volunteering as secretary for our Karate Association.

I have been practicing martial arts since I was in my mid-twenties, first as self defense, then Kyokushin kaikan (full contact) and after that Shotokan karate. It is such a great sports. A daily commitment. A way of life. Eleven years ago I had to stop because of a severe hernia. Forbidden to ever participate again.

But these karatekas were my friends, almost like family. I could not leave them, though active karate was totally out of the question. So I asked my fellow committee members if I could stay on and continue my secretary work. We had a meeting every six weeks, organized parties with crazy themes, went bowling, swimming parties for the karate kids. They told me they would not have let me go anyway. A big yes.

Last year I made the decision to stop and told them I would stay only for one year longer, so they could find someone to take my place. My life has changed and I just can not spend as much time on karate as I would like to. As is needed. So tonight, at the annual meeting, I was stationed behind the committee table for the last time. Next year I will be sitting with the (supporting) members. On the other side.



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17 thoughts on “No More Karate

  1. You did great to give it as much as you did after you couldn’t participate yourself. I am positive that they were very happy for all the years of service and now you can move on to other things that fill your life. Well done.

    Much love,


  2. It’s always hard to move onto the next chapter. It sounds like the appreciated your dedication in both the martial arts and the volunteering. More people should learn the dedication you displayed…myself included. Bravo to you!


  3. What a difficult decision. You should be proud of your long committment and honoring your conviction to move into the next chapter. Good for you for ending on a high note, *sniffle* I’m proud to know ya! 😀


    1. Don’t forget I know how to kick their butts! 😉 And they mine. Much harder.
      Karate and this group of friends will always be a part of my life. The philosophy, the commitment, the Zen principles. I love it.


  4. Dear Marion,
    I understand how you feel.
    I can imagine how the Karatekas will miss you in the first place and all the work you did for them…
    And i know for sure that they feel you are family to them also.

    It’s that “family-feeling” with some of them which started our contact and i’m still happy about that.
    Hope to see you there @ one occasion or another 🙂
    And good to hear that you will follow them on “the other side of the table” next year.

    With love xxx


  5. It’s hard to say goodbye to something that’s been a part of your life for so long. But it sounds like you came to this decision on your own terms. Good for you.


    1. Yes, I do feel comfortable with my decision. But it is still hard to let go, since I’m used to thinking, debating, organizing. And now I have to step back. When I like stepping forward 😉


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