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Because Kindness Keeps The World Afloat

Small acts of kindness come full circle and change lives. Watch and share!



Caretaker of lads and cat. Writer. Typing away on my second feelgood novel, creating time during busy days, and nights if needed. Because I'd love to introduce you to the wonderful people who are living in my mind. Avid reader. RPGamer. No lady, but all woman.

24 thoughts on “Because Kindness Keeps The World Afloat

  1. Thank you Mar! I from Russia,and and I think this is great video.It’s amazing!
    “Because kindness keeps the world afloat”
    life vest inside.


  2. This is exactly what I needed after an emotionally exhausting day!

    Sometimes we throw life vests, some people don’t grasp at them or are not able to hold on to them. Sometimes we are not the ones who should throw a vest to another person, simply because we do not have the tools to do it.


    1. Isn’t this short film heart warming? Consider it a life vest dearest Nancy, take it and let it uplift your spirit. Can you take a break from your hard work, just for this evening? *hugs*
      It is the intention that counts, and whether the person on the other side is ready to catch the life vest or not, still the message will be clear. One day.


      1. Had a really bad, threatening and fearful encounter with an Afghan student today. Had to go home. Never felt as scared with a student as today. Big dissapointment, first time in seven years. Made me think about many things today.


        1. Oh dear. I am SO very sorry you had this bad experience Nancy. You have been working with and teaching refugees for so many years now. They say you can take a child from the war, but it is much harder to take the war from a child. Perhaps it was nothing of the kind, but I’m trying to understand. Big disappointment. You and your co-workers mean so well and then you get hostility as gratitude.
          I hope you will never have to feel this threatened again. It made me turn to karate. I could teach you some moves ๐Ÿ˜‰


          1. Thank you Mar! You are very kind.
            It is indeed so true that you can’ t take the war from the child.
            It also has to do with culture, perception of women, lack of education, drug abuse(?), aggressive nature …to much to understand. It explains the behaviour, but there it ends. I will never agree with such an aggressive act. I am, however, not qualified to work with children who are so traumatised that they loose every sense of reality at the slightest irritation. They need psychological help and do not belong at school all day. I have a lot of experience in handling refugees indeed, but in the end I am not a therapist, I am a teacher. Somehow, people in Brussels seem to ingnore that. But alas, that is just the way things are organised in our society. Makes me very scared to think that all these traumatised people become part of our society without the proper care and support. This wil not be ok in the future. This will severely threaten our safety. No life vest can keep this afloat. Luckily, I am focusing on those who deserve all the respect and education, and there are plenty, believe me!


            1. We can only do so much Nancy, we can not be held responsible for the acts of people who need psychological, or even psychiatric guidance. Setting them loose in a society that is not able to cope with this kind of aggression and disrespect, is indeed a bad thing. You will only have to wait for problems to arise.
              I respect you for carrying on with your good work sweet sister, you are an amazing and strong person.


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