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Evolution – by Dove

In Generation M! I wrote about the influence of media on the image men and women might want to have nowadays. Imperfections brushed away by foundation and photoshop.

A friend of mine sent me this video, called Evolution (thank you Peter). About an imperfect (but genuine) duckling who turns into a beautiful (but fake) swan in front of our eyes. The film was made for Dove as part of their Campaign for Real Beauty, with the message:

No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.

An excellent initiative!

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Photos Thanksgiving

As promised in my post Thanksgiving in Holland, finally the photos of our walk in the wild woods 😉 Thank you dearest brother Bert, for shooting and sharing them! 😀

at a brisk pace, my Mom and niece in the lead
a family portrait; my brother is invisible (making the photo)
ah there he is, on the right 😉 Vman holding the camera now
Dad, me, Mom and Vman. I love this picture!
the boys who didn't feel like going... having big fun!
one of the very few mushrooms we saw
my big brother makes very fine photos!
my sister Nancy (in law & heart) with her youngest son
my sweet sister Monique with her daughter
encounter with a man and his horse
time to go home again...