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Wondrous Daylight Saving Time

This weekend the clocks in Holland will be moved backwards one hour. To grant us one extra hour of glorious sleep…

In this film you can hear funny and easy explanations about the Daylight Saving Time, plus interesting theories about the (non)sense of this worldwide action.



What do you think of this wondrous invention that is supposed to give us more sunlight and saves energy, after hearing these theories? Is it worth the hassle?


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11 thoughts on “Wondrous Daylight Saving Time

  1. I think we get daylight savings time next week. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t like to get up while it is still dark, because then I have to let Arthur out on a lead so that I won’t worry about coyotes getting him in the dark. My solution has been to simply stay in bed until it’s light.

    I’m losing my best hour of the day.


    1. Coyotes! Keep Arthur safe Christine! Is early morning your favourite time then?

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just follow the rhythm of the earth? Not ruled by clocks? Hmmm that would mean much sleep in winter and few in summer hehehe.

      In winter I’m driving to and from work in the dark. That always feels like I have been locked up during daytime brrr. I’m just looking forward to spring!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Marion. That video is excellent. Lee is a perfect example of someone who is severely impacted by the DST changes. She’s completely useless the first 10 days following a clock change (unlike me, who is completely useless all the time).


  3. Boromir! 🙂 And the Navajo/Hopi changes! That was funny. 🙂 I enjoy the extra hour of sleep in the fall (we don’t change in the US until November 6), but my body goes into shock in the spring, as I’m up and about early in the morning, enjoying walking in the daylight,and then all of a sudden, I’m thrown back into winter. As I’ve gotten older this is harder on my system (or just mentally), and I just hate it. i wish we’d just leave the clock the way it goes naturally, and not try to control nature.Or maybe I should just move to Hawaii. 🙂

    A fantastic post, Marion!


    1. Hawaii seems the best option Katie, we will meet there! 🙂
      Today I read a newspaper article about the horror winter that is awaiting us. Extreme cold, lots of snow. Could we please skip this winter and go right into spring? Then we wouldn’t have to change the clock at all.


      1. I”m with you, let’s skip this winter and go into spring! We’re supposed to have another cold winter (below zero temps) and very dry, which means worsening drought conditions. Not fun to be so cold without snow either. 🙂


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