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Music: Sara Bareilles

A woman. Green car. A radio.

Who cares if you disagree, you are not me
Who made you king of anything?

So let me thank you for your time.
And try not to waste any more of mine

I hate to break it to you babe
But I’m not drowning

You’ve got the talking down
Just not the listening

So you dare tell me who to be
Who died and made you king of anything?

These text fragments with their unique personal quality pierced my awareness which was focused on guiding my little Ford Kaatje through the busy streets of Breda. In a heartbeat I just KNEW it had to be Sara Bareilles. At home I rushed inside and went online to search for her new CD. I found Kaleidoscope Heart. Listening to other samples is not needed when Sara Bareilles is concerned. She had already stolen my musical heart withΒ Little Voice. Five minutes and one click later I had ordered a new wealth of music and lyrics. And she didn’t let me down!

Sara Bareilles was born in California on December 7, 1979 as the youngest of three daughters. She is a singer-songwriter and plays the piano, guitar, ukulele, and harmonium. Her voice (contralto to mezzo-soprano) is not very high – a very positive fact ’cause this means I can sing along with ease – but beautiful. Her lyrics speak of relationships, of love and disappointments, pride, independence and surrender. She catches deeper, hidden meanings in seemingly simple sentences. And her music can be stern or sparkling, a cappella or adorned by various instruments, with surprising key variations.

Her first hit was Love Song, which climbed the charts in 2007. Then there’s the delightful Fairytale – the lyrics crack me up each time I hear them. But in today’s post I would like to present a song from her newest CD. Alas embedding is not possible without linking to YouTube, I’m sorry for that.

The song of Kaleidoscope Heart that is becoming a hit in Holland: King Of Anything

And as encore the artfully arranged clip from Little Voice: Gravity

If you want to know more about this wonderful artist, here is her website: Sara Bareilles.


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13 thoughts on “Music: Sara Bareilles

  1. You definitely got my attention with the fact that she plays the ukulele, an instrument that is very prominent in the Hawaiian culture. But then again, California is only a “stone’s throw away” from the islands. πŸ˜‰


  2. Ohh Sara. Her music has been popping up on my lately and I’m increasingly impressed.. King of Anything was actually the first one to really catch my attention. I also like Love Song & Fairytale. Maybe it’s time to go get a complete album of hers, indeed. Thanks for reminding me how great she is.

    Fairytale reminds me of another great, funny song by Laura Jansen, ‘Wicked World’. You probably know this one already, Marion!


    1. YES I know Laura Jansen’s song too and it has the same funny quality, thanks I love it πŸ˜€ “And the apple sure tastes good” πŸ˜€

      You won’t regret buying Sara Bareilles’ albums Charlotte, every song is of high quality πŸ™‚


    1. You like it? That’s so nice πŸ˜€
      And Genn, the Versatile Blogger award is still waiting patiently in my mail. It will just take a lot of time to get the post right – time which I don’t have a the moment – so I’ll have to wait for a quiet day. But soon!
      Enjoy the weekend and smile πŸ™‚


  3. This sounds like an incredible song..I can deal with dial up for most everything but the fact that I can’t open song bites or watch videos is so frustrating. It just seems ridiculous that a 90 second download time takes me 45 minutes on dial up! 😦 Thanks for letting us know about this artist. I will have to catch her when I am at my son or daughter’s…they have DSL. πŸ™‚ Have a beautiful weekend. Are you going out on the Black Knight? πŸ™‚


    1. Dear J., could you please check your mail? πŸ™‚ Thanks!

      Vman and me are going to The Wall concert of Roger Waters tomorrow night. My partner is a huge fan of Pink Floyd. So we will visit Arnhem in daytime, have dinner and then dive straight into the music.

      Sunday the weather is fine, so perhaps… *hears the Harley roar from afar*

      I hope to write about it all in Sunday’s post.

      Have a lovely weekend…


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