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Chimpanzee Mojo locked in dark cage for thirty years

AAP Foundation – a sanctuary for exotic animals in Holland – has adopted a badly neglected chimpanzee from Belgium. The animal had been living in a dark and filthy garage on a disgusting diet for thirty years!

The elderly mistress could not take care of herself, let alone of Mojo, a grownup chimpanzee of thirty seven years. She had abducted the ape in 1975 from a laboratory and raised Mojo as a human child. When he got older, it became necessary to lock him up in a cage. She gave the animal coffee, wine, beer and pasta. ‘Mojo ate food that is bad for a chimpanzee and had way too many calories,’ the foundation states. The chimpanzee is heavily overweighted. A male chimp should way half or one third of his weight. And because of the overdose of sugar poor Mojo received for ‘supper’, his teeth have rotted away. The Belgian lady had an appointment with her vet, that, should she pass over, Mojo would be euthanized, so they could be buried together.

The fight to save the chimp started three years ago when an animal lover found out about this. She contacted the AAP Foundation and the Belgian animal shelter GAIA. They tried to reason with the old lady, but she would not listen. And the Belgian authorities thought the animal lacked nothing. Until recently, when the animal lover wrote another furious letter to the authorities, in which she summed up the chimp’s living conditions. Finally things were set in motion. And when AAP heard about Mojo’s deportation this weekend, they drove south to rescue the animal.

Because of his solitary confinement, Mojo has never been in contact with conspecifics. He arrived at the foundation last Monday. AAP is going to do everything to teach Mojo to be ‘an ape’ and will find permanent suitable shelter for him afterwards.

In Holland and Belgium it is forbidden to have chimpanzees as pets. A chimp is no pet! It may look a bit human but it has other needs. Locked up in cage with coffee and beer? My heart bleeds for this poor ape. It should be able to walk about, to climb, to play and live together with other chimpanzees.

A big hurray for the AAP Foundation and respect for the animal lover who took action!