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Biker Witch: Harley-Davidson Spring Ride

Last night my eldest son came home at 4am and got up again four hours later. He is participating in The 48 Hour Film Project with his internship company. Because of this I haven’t slept much either. When the birds started to sing, my heart responded by waking up, nudging my brain into alertness. The rest of my body was still sleepy but soon I was too restless to stay in bed. Today was a fine spring day. Today was going to be our first ride out since last autumn! Memories kept flashing through my head of fresh air and sun, the feeling of the wind on my face and a strong machine to take us where ever we want to go.

After a healthy breakfast we jumped in my little car and drove to Vman’s house. Thermo biker’s clothing was necessary – it was only 10 degrees Celsius after all. Our Harley-Davidson Fatboy was eager to stretch his wheels and a unique grumble resounded as my Vman started the engine. Black Knight roared with satisfaction.

Black Knight

After donning gloves, sunglasses and helmets we were ready to ride. We picked up our friends and were soon cruising the small roads of Brabant – four Harley’s en route to Willemstad. It is a small historical town with well preserved fortifications. It lies on the Hollands Diep, close to the Haringvliet and Volkerak.

Vman & Biker Witch

By the time we arrived in Willemstad, I was chilled to the bone. The sun was shining deceptively bright, but wasn’t strong enough yet to give real warmth. Willemstad is a very popular destination, so the little town was flooded with day trippers. Finally we found a spot – in the shade *shivers* – where we all ordered hot chocolate milk and apple pie. With cream!

The Harley Gang
Yep, that’s me

On our way back we passed through Oudenbosch, so we could see its magnificent Basiliek. Alas I couldn’t take a picture myself because my iPhone didn’t recognize the top of my leathered finger as trustworthy LOL. We were past before I could as much as remove my glove. But I found another picture. The Basiliek of Oudenbosch: