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What The Heck Should I Wear Today?

Wrapped in a bath robe and the lingering warmth of the shower, I open my wardrobe and sit down on the bed. A row of jackets, boleros, blouses, short skirts and dresses is greeting me, shouting ‘Pick me, pick ME!’. In a bewildered gaze my eyes wander from one item to the next. What the HECK should I wear today? The daily sudoko ritual has begun.

Under this row of clothes my shoes and boots are in a tangle. No high heels, nothing fancy. My back would whistle me back within two minutes if I as much as stare at high heels. It is a spring morning and even at 6.30am, the air is already gentle. No need for boots today, black open shoes will do. Alright, that is settled. I know what footwear will adorn my feet today. Five minutes have passed.

Next is the choice between a dress or pants. I absolutely LOVE dresses, in combination with sturdy black boots. The main color in my wardrobe is black and shades of gray and blue, with an occasional glimmer of purple and mixed colors. There is even red with white dots! It’s a dress I couldn’t resist. It feels kind of glamorous to wear it, Marilyn Monroe-kind of. And there are more similarities. I’m blonde and… well that’s it, I’m blonde as well 😉

Holland’s fashion this year includes wearing a legging and tunic. I have translated that to wearing black leggings and short skirts, again with boots. Yes I’m frivolous with my boots 😛 My friend Jolanda always says to emphasis your strengths and divert the attention from your less strong points. Which means directing casual glances to the legs! Wonderful tip.

Today I’m in a pants mood. We are already ten minutes further in time, when I slither into a pair of jeans. So far we have black open shoes and jeans. No wonder I have to get up at 6am each day LOL.

Black, I need something black to go with it. Lots of choices in this section and finally I grab a long-sleeved black shirt that was hiding behind another door, and a Harley blouse with short sleeves, black with a white logo. With the clock ticking away the minutes, I hastily stride towards the mirror – the shirt over my head – and bang my knee against the bed. Terrific. It is waking me up. When I stand in front of the mirror, my mind is telling me something weird, but I’m concentrating too much on trying to close the damned unwilling blouse. What IS the matter with it today?

In wonder I stare at the mirror. Hey, I can read Harley-Davidson there! Nice! Uhm, NOT nice silly woman, THINK girl. No wonder I could not get the blouse to cooperate: it was inside out! Yes, that’s more like it. A necklace, my rings and small ear rings end the daily getting-dressed-sudoku-morning-session. I’m ready to greet the day. Wednesday, here I come!

Good morning everyone! 😀 What are you wearing today?