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A Million Dollars

What would you do with a million dollars, tax free? That is the WordPress topic of today. A well-known dream theme for many of us; a well-known fact for only a few.

Photo: Way Cool Pictures

One of the first things I would do is try to get my breath back, and then clamber back upon the chair. A million dollars is a LOT of money! Probably my thoughts would wander from total bewilderment to unbelief, gradually changing into joy and an attack of über-ADHD, not knowing what to do.

Lots of things would be possible with no more worries about the future. A substantial part of the money would be deposited in an account for my sons, so they can study for as long as is needed and find the job they care about. Get Nick the best film-editing-special-effects-equipment-and-computer-sort-of-thing. A super game computer for my youngest.

Throwing a big party for family and friends and surprise them with special gifts would be one of the next actions. And buying a nice younger car – not a Top Gear special, but something normal like a Renault Twingo or a Suzuki Swift. For my (Ford) Kaatje has driven almost 100.000 kilometers over European roads, she is getting tired. Little things like buying books, to finally lay my hands on a kindle. Gifts to charity. A replacement for my next-to-exploding washing machine.

We – my partner and our kids, my parents, sister, brother and their families – would travel around the world to see the pyramids of Egypt, trek through Australia for months, visit the jungles of South-America and stand in awe in front of the lost Inca pyramids, to be in the middle of the Canadian forests, to go south and feel the Redwood trees. Take a detour to South-Africa so my brother and sister-in-law could revisit a big piece of their hearts, and after that to Italy for my little sister. The trip around the world would be a very nice long holiday, but not a new way of life.

Photo: Photo Collection

I would not quit my job, or actually buy a new house, just because I could. Perhaps working part-time would be an option to have more time for other things like writing. But my work at the uni is too nice and challenging to stop. And to dive straight into jet set activities would leave us adrift in rapids of overwhelming impressions, changing the persons we are now.

We need our dreams, our goals, to have a purpose in life. Isn’t it much nicer to wish for something and then work and save to get the money, to make it possible yourself? Of course it would be absolutely wonderful to have a back up, a saving net, in times of trouble. But I would not let the money rule my world.

Since I don’t participate in lotteries, chances for this to happen are close to zero. In the end I would just wake up and smile about this silly dream. But it was a fun dream! 🙂

What would you do if fate threw a million bucks in your lap?


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4 thoughts on “A Million Dollars

  1. With such beautiful dreams and visions to fulfil, perhaps this is the weekend for you to finally buy that lottery ticket. Good luck…and if we don’t hear from you for a few weeks, we will know that you are off on your world tour!
    Great post – thanks.
    Juls 🙂


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