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Dream Vacation Recipe

Are you still not sure where to go to during your holiday this year? Well, whatever you do, don’t despair for your savior is near! *points at herself* 😉 Distilling your dream destination is simply finding the right ingredients and then combining them. Just fill in the blanks, add them up et voilà.

Shall I give you an example of my favorite vacation recipe? Hint: you’re supposed to say ‘yes’ now.


absolutely avoid: tourists

action: moderate *points at her stupid back*

atmosphere: mysticism

budget: … next question please!

climate: sun, not too hot, bit of wind

company: a biker maniac

environment: open, green, authentic

landscape: hills, rough, sweet

means of transportation: horse

must-sees: castles, menhirs, meadows, sheep, grass

preferred season: summer

The only dissonance in this recipe is the ingredient ‘budget’. Too bad we can’t eliminate it. But even with a shortage of budget, the cake will be fantastic.

Let’s see what my Dream Vacation Recipe will be: on an (iron) horse in summer, riding in the sun – not too hot, a bit of wind – through an open undulating green and authentic landscape, where mysticism still roams the rough and yet sweet hills. Where I can see castles, menhirs, sheep and meadows – empty of tourists – accompanied by a gentle biker maniac…

Ladies and gents, this summer, we will be cruising SOUTHERN ENGLAND on our Harley, balancing with my knees and holding on tight to my Vman!

Is it summer yet?

= 😀


Blogger who loves her camera. No lady, but all woman. Caretaker of lads and cats, dungeons & dragons. DuTchess. V-man's biker witch.

10 thoughts on “Dream Vacation Recipe

  1. Well…you know what my response is to this…
    Yes, go for it, live my dream…hahaha.

    Wales is enchanting but my favourite will be (for always in my heart: Scotland)

    But it is a start 😉 isn’t it, hahaha.

    We had three weeks and ‘did’ Scotland, Wales and Southern England.
    Aah, sweet memories…

    Well, good for you both! Enjoy xxx


  2. It sounds like you’ve got a great vacation planned for the summer. If it is castles, horses meadows and mysticism you are wanting…you might like to add Wales to your intinary (land of my birth!).

    And please call in to see me on your way back to Dover (assuming you will be arriving this way!!!)

    Juls 🙂


    1. My partner – nicknamed Vman – has been to Great Britain more often, and I think he’s visited Wales too. He’s very enthusiastic about going back. I’ll ask him about Wales, thanks! 🙂
      I’ve been to Winchester myself when I was sixteen, and I actually TOUCHED the stones of Stone Henge. I had to run from the guard after that, but hey, that didn’t matter anymore hehehe.
      So what do I do when we arrive in Dover? Call out your name real loud? 😉 We’ll mail around that time, OK? 😀


    1. J., I promise I won’t go faster than my Vman… since he’s the one riding the bike 😉 And my guardian angel will be tucked away in my coat, where she will be safe and warm. I love the thought of having guardian angels, always imagine those are my grandmothers… *stares and smiles*


  3. Sounds like a great recipe, Marion. I miss the feeling of the open road and the hum of the engine as the iron horse takes you from adventure to adventure. I wish you all the best with your plans and your travels. Sounds like a great time.


    1. Do you ride a motor too Gil? Have been on the open road often?
      It’s such a glorious feeling, cruising through nature, seeing things you won’t see in a car. Thanks, and wishing you great holidays too.


    1. I will do my best to let you enjoy the images and biking feelings with us. After all, the WordPress challenge will continue during the holiday season.
      Thanks for sharing these feelings of freedom Lee 🙂


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