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Reality Horror Show

Day 31 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: Reality show.

Would you like to have magic
A fantasy world, just a click away
Where life is new and wonderful
So you would love to stay?

You can see miracles there
Blue creatures living in peace
Good guys who catch the bad ones
A medicine against all disease

Cute drawings about a silly duck
Little movies about tasty beer
Even cleaning and periods
Seem fun and easy up here

Would you be very surprised
To learn you already do?
There’s a box in your living room
Yes ma’am, sir, even you!

Delighted you zap on and on
But hey, what’s that, no NO
This isn’t magic, this is horror
Meet the Reality Show!

A mix of intrigues and secrets
Served in a common dish
Add a fake prince, a celebrity
It might start to smell like fish

Then you see your neighbor
Washing his car in the street
And to your utter amazement
Outside he’s doing the same deed

The magic is lost and you despair
No more, you’ve had enough
Now is the time to push the button
And simply turn it