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Devil Allergies

Day 29 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

An exquisite perfume tiptoes on the breeze, swirls through the crowd and spreads thoughts of spring flowers in its wake. Just a touch, just a memory. Just enough to take a deeper breath and smile. In a daze I head straight towards the nearest perfumery, only to halt on the threshold. It is forbidden territory for this Dutchess.

All my life my body has been fighting against imaginary things, substances that just are not worth bothering with. It started with nickel. What? Are you touching me with that metal? Alright, suit yourself, I’ll fight back with little red itching spots! There, see, I’ve won! Yeah, good for you my dear body, you’ve done well.

Things gradually grew worse. Allergic skin reactions to antibiotic Clamoxyl. Preservatives in lotions and facial cream were the newest devils. My brother gave me a wonderful birthday gift: a voucher for a beauty treatment at Yves Rocher. I told the beautician that I was extremely sensitive to all kind of stuff. No worries, we only use natural ingredients. Hurray, it’s time to enjoy, recline and be spoiled. A cooling mask, in combination with eye cream. Bliss lasted for less than five minutes. By that time I was screaming for her to get it OFF. She told me to relax, but one look at my eyes convinced her otherwise. Hurriedly she removed all traces of cream, but it already was too late. My skin was aflame, my eyes half shut and red, tears streaming down my face. They say beauty is only skin deep. Well, let me tell you, deep down I was still a beauty! 😉

A test at the dermatologist revealed plenty of allergies. After trying out several brands – resulting in another visit to the hospital with a thick red layer of facial skin like a burn victim – I found my savior: Clinique Skin Care. Finally a brand without cheap preservatives, a line without – totally unnecessary – perfume. My skin was happy.

BORING, my body thought. Perhaps we can find something new! Ah yes, leather, that should be fun. Let’s see how she copes with this challenge! A new leather band for my watch. After one day the itching begins on the inside of my wrist. Weird, I’ll wear it on the right side to see what’s happening. Within three days both my writs were swollen with an aggressive rash ’till they bled. Wearing boots on my bare legs. My skin erupted into two bands of a red itching semi-permanent tattoo. Only the strongest hormone ointment could punch my body into submission. New allergy test with over seventy allergens. And boy oh boy, how I reacted. I’m still bearing the scars of the test results on my back. The dermatologist told me my knowledge about allergies was impressive. That I was doing all the right things.

Here is the list, goodbye!

What do you mean, goodbye?!

Just try to avoid these allergens and you’ll be alright. Have a pleasant life.

Twice a year and increasing, my lungs are tortured by a mysterious substance, soon turning into a tracheal infection. Three weeks of recovering, sitting up straight all through the night for the first week, my windpipe playing an unkind melody, trying to choke me. A true impressive coughing concert. Running outside in the middle of the night to suck in a bit of oxygen. An inhaler called Ventolin and codeine cough-smothering pills are the latest solution. Take that dearest body. Back off nasty reactions, these things are NOT hostile!

Since last week another new development. The copier! Ink! Yikes, such a nasty machine, let’s see what creative torment we can use it for. My body’s idea of ‘fun’. I had been copying big piles of exam papers and counting them for several student groups. Every now and then I had to moisten my finger to separate the papers. Within three minutes my upper lip started throbbing and burning. Withing four minutes my head was under a stream of cold water. Too late. Damn you nasty body reactions, get a life will ya?! An angry red rash around my mouth and in my neck appeared out of nowhere, keeping me awake at night. The next day a huge reaction under my right eye.

Hey this is big fun, we’re having a paaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty. My lungs jumped right in and started dancing and swaying, tickling me with every breath. Ventolin, do your work, I beg of you! So yes, allergies are driving me NUTS at the moment.

I would LOVE to cover myself in a cloud of flower essence, to be able to buy fun jewelry – not made of silver, titanium or white gold – and wear it, to shop without reading the tiny letters of ingredients. To take a bath with perfumed oil. But that is not meant for me. Damn , I must be a very pure woman! So I spend my daily life trying to avoid old allergens and preventing new allergies to develop.

Fortunately I’m not allergic to nuts. Actually I’m nuts for nuts! And that is a good thing! 😀


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6 thoughts on “Devil Allergies

  1. Poor Marion! I’m idiopathic, which is kind of exciting and kind of okay. It means I might or might not be allergic to any particular thing from one contact to the next. I went into anaphylactic shock after taking Aleve, so I can’t take that or aspirin or ibuprofen. I knock back a double dose of children’s Benadryl every evening.

    I also had the bright red skin-boots after slathering my legs with “soothing” lotion, so I sympathize with that, too!

    Hope the codeine calms your cough and that you get some good sleep.



    1. Idiopathic! Never heard of that. Haha and you call that exciting, going into a shock by taking a painkiller? LOL crazy lady! Please be careful! Because of my asthmatic kind of condition, I can only take paracetamol and I try to minimize that.

      Soothing lotion, oh Marian! *hugs* My mother once tried Oil of Olaz. When she came into my bedroom in the morning – feeling her way in – I screamed in sympathy. Both of her eyes were swollen shot.

      The codeine knocked me out: I slept from midnight to 8 AM \o/

      Tonight I’ll take only half a pill: I need to be able to get up at 6 AM for the next WordPress challenge 😉


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your severe allergies. My daughter developed an allergic reaction to penicillin when she was five. She is now 38 and allergic to almost every antibiotic around. She ended up in the emergency room last year when she had taken one pill of an antibotic and it affected her head and movement in her arms and legs. I read the paper that came with the medicine and it said not to give it to anyone who has allergies. HELLO…didn’t her doctor think that was a red flag? I hope that you are able to find many new items that will not give you such bad reactions. Have you ever done a search on line for a natural remedy that might help? I hope there is one out there for you. 🙂 I’m so happy that you are able to enjoy nuts. 🙂


    1. Salted nuts and popcorn will make my day. And evening 🙂
      That is not a good thing, to be allergic to all antibiotics. What will she do when she needs a strong medicine? Sorry to hear that about your daughter! Even doctors can make mistakes eh? It’s important to always read the descriptions.
      I just took a codeine pill… and am now staring at my glass of red wine. After a tiny sip I gave it to Vman: this medicine will interact with alcohol. And I do want to wake up in the morning 😉 Now I’m off to bed, hoping the codeine will battle the coughing urges so I can get a bit of sleep.
      *sweet dreams* 🙂


  3. Oh my dear Marion….
    I know about nickel, my mum has allergic reactions to that. Nasty indeed.
    Clamoxyl, familiar…don’t give it to me because i’m also allergic to it
    And Ventolin i’m allowed to use it but only in an amount used for a child, otherwise my heart begins to protest.
    Just like you my lungs aren’t my best friends in the time that the grass is green, trees are blossoming and flowers are showing their most beautifull colours. Or when the season of the flue has arrived…
    My saviour is Flixotide so thank heavens for that.

    Luckily my skin is happy with Yves and i can still put on the perfumes i like.
    I feel sorry for you.

    Glad to hear that you take it all in a positive way…hugs from me.


    1. Over sensitivity, what is it good for?! Is it because there are too many alien, manufactured polluting particles in the air?
      Hurray for Flixotide, huzzah for Ventolin!
      Next time you put on a nice light forest smell and then I can sniff your wrist, deal? 😉


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