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Bathing in the Fountain of Youth

Day 28 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?

The Fountain of Youth, the Holy Grail. They have been wished and searched for for centuries. To live forever young – that would be the result of the Fountain of Youth IN the Holy Grail – who wouldn’t want that. At least, that is what you would think at first sight.

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Let’s ponder on this a little. To live (young) forever.

There are two possibilities:

  1. everyone lives forever
  2. only you live forever

Everyone lives forever

Now frankly, that would get quite messy. Mother Earth already is overloaded, her natural resources exhausted, pollution getting worse every day. Add to that people who never die. The overpopulation will only grow… or would we have to stop having children? What use would life have if we can’t have children anymore, to see them grow up into young adults… into young adults… forever young adults. Too many people, not enough food. Wars would break out – and we have enough of those already – massacre, slaughter… you get my meaning about the ‘quite messy’ stuff?

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In this case: no thank you, please let nature take its course and retain the natural cycle: we are born, we live, we die. What happens after is still a mystery. Perhaps we WILL live forever, our souls reunited with loved ones who have passed away. Fortunately souls don’t take up that much space.

Only you live forever

Also an interesting notion. Also a big negative! To see my children grow old, to see my partner grow old, with me skipping and frolicking in an everlasting youth. To watch them die, with me staying behind. And that perhaps myriad of times. It would certainly kill me. Oh no, it would not, since I live forever. At one point you have seen it all, heard it all, done it all. You would have no goals to go forward to, no dreams to share, or only for a ‘little’ while. No.

Of course the fading years of my youth are calling out to me. Growing older isn’t that much fun physically. And thinking about dying freaks me out. My analytical mind wants to know what will  happen next. Then it will all be about faith, and about being able to look back on a life well spent.

The most important part is to grow older together. To be able to share experiences, to learn from mistakes, learn about the beauty of relativity, to love life. And to let go in the end.

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