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Myriad of Sounds: One Voice ~ Percussion’s Heart Beat

Day 24 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: What is your favorite sound?

Music. Not a day in my life goes by without music. Normally I listen to (Gothic) rock, Irish and Cuban music. Music has the magical power to take your troubles away on waves of sound, to guide you to a state of silence where you only have to breathe and listen.

There are exceptions though. I can’t stand the Dutch ‘levenslied’ and German ‘Schlagers’. Don’t even try to find out what they sound like, you’ll regret it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

One of my favorite sounds in music is not a specific sound. Actually it is more than a sound. It is the sound of human voices, united in song. The sound of a choir in harmony. Whenever I hear this, my eyes blur, I get goosebumps and shiver with delight. People singing together touch something deep inside of me, reach straight into a well of emotions.

I’m inviting you to listen to these three songs and compositions. Let them embrace your soul:

Homeless – Kenyan Boys Choir

My absolute favorite sound though is percussion. It’s a drive, a heart beat. Just watch the Phil Collins Drum Trio. I bet you can’t sit still and start drumming on your desk, especially after the third minute. Even I am doing that, though I’m not feeling well today and called in sick. Percussion applies to primal feelings of movement and passion.

I had the privilege of seeing Phil Collins perform live in Holland, standing in the front row of a circular stage, where – like in the video – were three percussion sections. I survived holding my breath for almost three hours. It was a miraculous show.

What is YOUR favorite sound?