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Hurry Up and Join, We’re Boarding

Day 23 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: Friends.

A Ship of Friends
Sails around the world

The tides are gentle
Peaceful, quiet, a soft breeze
We can sit back and enjoy
Watch the shores glide by
Nudging each other
To point out dolphins in play
A stately whale
While sunlight sparkles on the waves

Sometimes though
The seas will be dangerous
Rough, threatening, dark and hostile
Then the time has come
To work together on that ship
To be able to build on each other
Blindly trusting, knowing

Do not feel frightened
You are not alone
The bonds of friendship
Will hold you firmly in place
Secured by love and care

Oft we dock a harbor
And meet new friends
Who board our beautiful ship
While others will leave perhaps
To meet again
In another time and place

Friends… a family by choice!

The expression “A family by choice” was inspired by Karin Roeven, thank you my friend.
Illustration by Claudia Myatt.