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Dear Mirror of Life, I swear to tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth…

Day 22 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts? Or is ignorance bliss? Or are they both true some of the time?

First of all: what exactly IS the truth? Is there even a thing as THE truth? Ask ten witnesses to an incident to tell you exactly what happened, and you will get ten different stories. It all depends on one’s point of view.

I do not need to know the truth about everything, please no. Carrying the additional weight of things that just don’t matter, are unavoidable or utterly unimportant, would be a waste of time and energy. If people hide something from me, it will be on their conscience and not on mine. I’m fine with a light veil of ignorance as long as the bliss part doesn’t turn into a fake reality. And as long as these little lies would not influence other people’s feelings and possible actions. Because that would be a totally different issue.

We need to know the truth to be able to form our own opinion and make decisions accordingly. Without the truth we have no choice. And we need to have these choices because it is OUR life! For example, if a close friend would be hypocrite about our friendship, I would need to know, even if it hurts. It would be my choice – and my choice alone – to accept this or to end the relationship. Trust is the one thing I can’t do without in matters of the heart, both in love and friendship. I have to be able to feel safe and trust in the ethics and honor of people I care deeply about. As they can in mine.

No one can look into your soul or read your thoughts. Only you can determine whether something is true or not. You can lie and cheat, but your heart and mind will know the truth anyway. Perhaps one day they will speak up. Just make sure your conscience is clean and that you act with respect, understanding and love. Then you will be able to make the right decision whenever you are in doubt whether to tell the truth, hide the truth or to lie. Perhaps about the amount of cookies you ate while you are on a diet 😉

Be true to your convictions
Be true to your honor
Be true to your loved ones
But most of all
Be true to yourself!

Photo double twist: Take a picture of a thing that expresses a truth.

The Mirror of Life: you can’t hide from yourself!