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My Precioussses: Meet the Parents!

Day 20 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge:What’s the most important thing you’re putting off? And why haven’t you done it yet? What do you need to make it happen?

You mean apart from cleaning the house? 😉

Last year I took on the most important thing I wanted to do: intensify my writing. You’re reading the results right now. I also took steps to fix my stupid back, to no avail but I did try!

The most important thing I need to do now is call my parents, to tell them that I love them. And I’m going to do that right now!

she’s busy and will call me back … LOL

Last Christmas my Mom wasn’t feeling well, she had a weird unpleasant sensation in her chest and arm. When she told me, I was very frightened for her, we all were. In stead of letting her make a 17-hungry-monsters-Christmas-dinner – like she always insists upon!! – I only allowed her to make…

… the soup. Plus the appetizer, since that is made from the chicken from the soup. Oh yes, plus the cream sauce that goes on top of the appetizer. Ah while I’m at it I can easily ma…


Alright, you get the idea 😉 My sweet sister, brother and sis-in-law-but-my-real-sister-by-heart helped out. We created a somewhat peculiar dinner, but it was the best. Laughter filled the room, where adults were kids and the kids were shaking their heads like adults. It was great.

The thought of losing my mother or father really catapults me into a state of panic and sorrow. Mom has been to hospital yet again for a heart scan, and so far no news. We’re trusting in her strength. That little lady is made of stainless steel.

So I won’t let the panic get a hold on me, but in stead get in contact with my parents as often as possible, in writing, by phone, by visiting them. My mom has her birthday on January 31th. And you can be sure my little car will be southward bound, cruising the highways to hug and squeeze them both tight!

Here’s a picture of my whole family, Mom and Dad are in the middle, my sisters and me are to my dad’s left (so on the right side), my brother behind us.