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Salute to part-time students!

Day 19 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: Describe a time when you witnessed bravery in your profession.

As some of you may know, I work at a university in the south of Holland. Since 1997 I’ve made it my job – my calling – to harass and torture students, to make their lives utterly miserable at every step with my stupid actions and rules… at least some of them might think so ;). Among other things, I’m exam coordinator and e-learning coach of our Academy.

It’s not a job where screaming fire trucks head out into an inferno, nor police officers rescue a victim in distress. Life at our university is pretty well organized, even fire drills can’t raise any commotion. Except complaints that there is no coffee outside.

Most students study our program full-time, which means that they spend one third of their time at school following courses, another third in internship and the rest in self-study at home or in Xplora. This adds up to approximately 40 hours a week.

Part-time students (mostly adults) on the other hand, come to school on Tuesday and Thursday nights ’till 10 PM, have to participate in daytime internships , PLUS most of them have regular jobs. Can you imagine this? These students have to have a high level of dedication and commitment, they sacrifice precious free time in studies – not only of themselves but also of their families – and have to study in weekends and holidays. Often for four long years. They have to bring offers daily to be able to get their dream job: teacher.

These part-time students are my heroes and heroines and this post is dedicated to them. I want to honor their bravery by saluting them with a deep bow and giving them my utmost respect.

You ROCK girls and guys!


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17 thoughts on “Salute to part-time students!

    1. Haha, en ‘ehh sorry… MARION’! (in plaats van mevrouw, yikes) 😉

      Het is een kwestie van heel veel lezen, heel veel schrijven, en in de beginjaren ook veel opzoeken.

      Bedankt Mark, ik hoop je nog vaak terug te zien 😀


  1. Geachte mevrouw Driessen,

    Wat een mooie colomn.
    Ben jaloers op jouw Engelse woordenschat, grammatica en vertelstijl.

    Heel leuk om te lezen !!

    Groetjes Mark Braat


  2. How thoughtful and sweet of you to salute the part-time students! 🙂 I am sure that they will appreciate your post. I love the little ducky picture…so cute! 🙂


    1. Thanks J *hugs* I want to pick up this duckling until it’s rested again.
      As you can read in the comments, students seem to find strength in my words, and that makes me happy.
      Still 1.5 weeks of exams to go…


  3. Sing Halluja for Marion!! I said “Sing Halleluja”!!!

    Thanks a lot for all the affords you’re making for us, your quick respons on our emails, but most of all: putting a smile on our face in the dark days called ‘college’ with this article..and thanks for putting into words what we are dying to hear for, for 2,5 years!!



    1. LOL I’m grinning here. Were you really singing? I’d love to hear that ‘live’ 😉
      Well you deserve every word Leonie, and I need every part-time student to read it, to give them a boost in these dark exam days.
      Let’s rock on 😀


  4. Superfijn om dit te lezen!:)
    Maar nogmaals bedankt voor alles wat je voor ons regelt, als we ons verkeerd inschrijven, iets helemaal verkeerd lezen en jou daarom overspoelen met overbodige emails!
    Heel erg bedankt!
    Nog maar 2,5! Enne.. Karin, ik moet ook op donderdagavond naar school 😉


  5. Dear Marion

    Hulde voor Marion Driesen! Ze heeft het maar zwaar met ons volgens mij…

    This was put on hyves last saturday by someone i know. She follows classes on tuesday(evening) and i know how hard it is for her, doing all this and everything else.

    I regret i didn’t read it before we were meeting @ Terheijden.
    If i had, i would have whispered this compliment in your ear.

    You, dear girl, are also a hero to the boys and girls.
    My conclusion: you all ROCK.

    With love xxx


  6. Well said. I worked full time when I got my degree and it was murder. I was lucky to not also be raising a family too.

    Thanks for giving them the praise they deserve!!



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