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Blue Monday, You Did Not Get Me Down!

Day 17 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge.

This morning, or better last night, I woke at 4 AM. There were no shrill alarm bells going off, no rooster trying to arouse my neighbors’ neighbors. I simple woke and there I was, greeting the new day. My son Nick had to get up early to shoot a movie and would take an expensive professional film camera by train to his appointment Of course my mind shifted into first gear. What if he forgot the camera. Second gear. What if he had to go to the toilet in the train and left the camera unguarded in the compartment. At 5 AM I decided to stop worrying and take action in stead: I got up in third gear. Vman, son Sean and cat Bandit were still snoring.

Meanwhile Nick was in the shower. We both went downstairs, he had breakfast and I was half dozing on the couch, wondering whether I should take him to the train station in our village by car, or if I should just let him find his own way on foot. It’s a 10 minutes walk to the station. No Mar, don’t pamper him, he’s 19 and can take care of himself! I gave in a bit and made his lunch bag. At 5.45 AM he grabbed the heavy camera and headed for the front door. Aha, I knew I had to get up! Running after him I brought him his other bag. Bye son, have fun, take care, keep a close watch on the camera! ‘Yes mom!’ *insert rolling eyes here*

Pfew, he was going to make it, so I decided to go back to bed to catch half an hour of sleep before I had to get up to write before work. Warmth, lying down, bliss. Ten minutes later my phone buzzed: a stressed son, yelling that the stupid train wasn’t coming – problems near Rotterdam – and that he was going to miss the connection in Breda on his way to Tilburg. The train in the center of Breda would leave at 6.21 AM, which gave me exactly 20 minutes to get dressed, pick up Nick and drive to town.

I broke a lot of records this morning. This is about the only time in my life that I dressed without taking a shower first – legging, sweater, boots – my hair waving merrily in all directions, no make-up. I only took the time to dump contacts in my sandy eyes, jumped in my car and raced towards the little village station where Nick was. Somewhere. I met him halfway, he was walking back home. He jumped in my car, and I sped away like a lunatic. I dimly realized I forgot my driving license and my insurance documents. I shrugged and raced onwards to Breda. It was already busy after 6 AM. Traffic lights were still in Christmas red, when I wished for evergreen.

At one point we were waiting in front of a traffic light. Waiting, with no living soul in sight. Especially no police soul haha. TO HELL with it! I was getting slightly rebellious and hit the gas and we drove through red. Another record. It felt kind of liberating. With only 4 minutes to spare I stopped in front of the train station. Nick half fell out of the car in his haste to get out. Pfew, we made it! Another record.

On my way back I turned on the radio and was singing while the night was westward bound. At the traffic light I stopped behind a police car. If they had been able to read my mind, I would have gotten a lot of tickets LOL. But I put on my poker face – which I don’t have – and drove home again, making sure I didn’t break any more rules. It was too late to start writing, so I took a belated shower, dressed properly, painted a little black around my eyes, ate a hasty breakfast and got back in my car at 7.30 AM.

Today was the start of the exam week at the university. And exams tend to cause a lot of stress, for students and professors, but also for the exam coordinator of our Academy – meaning me. And again this was useful: it kept me awake. The work day ended with a meeting of the Participation Council, which lasted until 6.30 PM. I decided to skip shopping for groceries and drove to the Chinese restaurant, where I ordered Babi Pangang and Foo Yong Hai. No more working today!

Blue Monday. It was hard, it was tiring, it was stressful, but I don’t feel blue. I’m just happy that Nick had a successful day (he made the connection in Breda by the way), that today’s exam went relatively smoothly and that I was able to help out a student friend. On top of that my sons and me had a tasty and cheerful dinner. And for dessert I got to write this post, even in time for today’s PostADay2011. Blue Monday, you didn’t get me down!

What color was your day?