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My travels with Doctor Who

Day 15 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: If you had a time machine that only let you spend one hour in a different time, what date would you go to?

It’s 7 PM and the doorbell rings. Damn, he’s way too early! Quickly I grab my bag, put on my coat and rush to the door. To my surprise there is a phone booth parked in my front yard, and a young man is grinning at me. This is no cab driver!

Who are you?


He opens the phone booth and gallantly offers me his arm. I’m too flabbergasted to ask him again and before I know what’s happening I’m already ushered inside.

Where and when do you wish to travel, ma’am?

How about taking me to the cinema right now? Does this thing have wheels?

Dimly I hear myself ask this stupid question. What the hell am I doing in a freakin’ phone booth? And why did I even step in? Right, a daydream, I must have fallen asleep on my couch! I relax a bit and ask the man what this box can do.

It can take you any place and any time you want to go. Where and when do you wish to travel ma’am?

I decide to play along and quickly think about his question. This may be the only chance to live such a fun dream. Where would I go to if I had a time machine?

Please take me to the North America of the 19th century my good man, and find me a place where the feral horses roam wild and free, where bison thunder over the fields in big herds, where Native Americans live in true balance with Mother Earth!

Mr. Phone Booth stares at me, uncomprehending.

MUSTANGS man, I need to see MUSTANGS!

His eyes light up and he gives me a lopsided grin.

Al right lady, a two way ticket to the US, valid for one hour!

Excellent, that gives me exactly the time I need to wake up and get ready for the cinema. The man starts pushing buttons and pulling levers on a console and I’m feeling slightly dizzy. Before I can ask a question, the booth driver opens the door again and – another serious case of totalüberflabbergastedness is attacking me.

In stead of the familiar houses of my little village, we’re on the open prairie! Sunlight bathes the fields in a golden glow, while in the distance a sea of trees fills the horizon. To my absolute delight these beauties come closer to take a peek at the strange blue box.

No sounds disturb the quiet, cars and planes are blissfully absent. Just the wind, the horses and me. It almost feels real. I walk around in total wonder, absorbing the feel of this magical place, breathing the fresh scents of the wind. This is heaven.

Too soon the man softly calls out to get my attention. It is time to go. One last time I drink in the gentleness of the horses in their natural environment, wild and free.

On our way back, I ask him:

You remind me of someone, do I know your family?

He shows me a photograph of his father.

Who are you again?


It’s 8 PM and the doorbell rings…