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When the muse hit me… ever so gently

Day 14 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: What made you decide to start a blog?

In 2000 a severe intervertebral hernia cut its way into my life. And when I say cut, I mean CUT. The little bastard attacked me in the middle of a karate championship. It came, dressed as a lightning bold straight through my body into my left leg and foot. Which went numb. My back was on fire though. And it never left, ever, not a single day. At that moment, I had absolutely NO idea what hit me and, more importantly, what great impact this would have on my life. I simply finished the match, more or less, and hobbled back to the sideline.

For three months I sat. I couldn’t walk – each step sent two knives straight into my spine. I couldn’t lay down straight, which meant no more sleeping on my belly. And my patience sank beneath sea level. Up until that day, I used to go to karate training three times a week, I loved horseback riding and played tennis. And there I was, in a couch prison. The good news is, that this couch prison was the secret hiding place of my muse! And she hit me… ever so gently. After all I was a trained karateka 😉 My muse told me to wake up and look deep into myself. To feel what was inside of me and bring it out in the open.

Madly missing the social interaction of work and sports, I went online. Guided by my little muse, I soon found The One Ring forum – it was the time when the Lord of the Rings movies were immensely popular. This place, these people, have saved my soul and prevented insanity from hitting as hard as the hernia. I started writing. And writing. Took part in a role playing story, which brought out the best in everyone. A truly magical time which lasted for years.

Meanwhile I crawled back up and went back to work. The hernia happened ten years ago and as long as I sit down and take it easy, my back is behaving. But the minute – and I mean MINUTE – I have to stand or stroll, it will whistle me back into submission real quick. Last year we traveled to New York and I had a great time, but half of the time I could cry with pain when we ventured into the city on foot. Of course I didn’t! Stupid back!

I still visit The One Ring Forum, though not as frequently as I used to. In stead I started my own blogs (I write in English and in Dutch) and it feels like I finally came home. Writing, writing is what my life is about. And living it of course, else there wouldn’t be much to write about. Stories canter through my brain, whenever something happens my fingers start to itch. And these stories I love to share with you all. Please stay with me 🙂