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Spring oh Spring, you are not lost!

Day 13 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge: What are you looking forward to?

There is only ONE thing that comes to mind when I see heavy rain showers fall down from the skies, and that is spring! How I look forward to this gentle season, being a true child of spring. Did you know it means ‘jump’ in Dutch? New life, gentle air, warm temperatures, opening up, jumping in rebirth! Two years ago I wrote this poem, which says it all…


When leaves drift to the ground
In green, yellow, brown and red
Autumn must be close around
So much beauty is to be had

Bears hiding warm and deep
twitch an ear, breath light
All of nature’s going to sleep
Into a long wintery night

Mushrooms pop up their head
no longer timid, no longer shy
Whole circles form a humid bed
Abundant colors catch your eye

Raindrops ornamenting into lace
Blessing twigs with unique art
Just let the season tease your face
Enjoy all with your heart

Sunlight filters through the haze
Biting cold forgotten for now
Trickling down in tiny rays
Promise of an everlasting vow

That winter will soon set in
Covering the land with frost
But then signs of a new begin
Spring oh spring, you are not lost