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Stress-Less state of mind

Day 6 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge:

Are you stressed out right now?

OK I confess, I’m guilty. You caught me in a total Stress-Less state of mind.

On any other Thursday, I would be racing and running around, fixing things at the university, calming students, uploading content, answering a gazillion emails, helping professors fix their computer problems.

But not today. Today is a Holy-Day! And I’m doing only things that will help me to Stress-Less. Hmmm that would have been another perfect Word for 2011. But I’ll stick to ‘Expression’.

Please share a dose of Stress-Less with me:

Watching TV channel 13th Street:

Sharing the table with my sons:

Working on my Dungeon & Dragons notes for Dungeon Dutchess:

Reading books:

Writing my heart out while keeping a firm grip on it:

All kind of songs pop into my head:

  • I’m in a Stress-Less state of mind – Billy Joel
  • No Stress today, my Work has gone away – Herman Hermit’s
  • Go on, go on, leave me Stress-Less – The Corrs

Can you think of more songs for feeling Stress-Less? Please share!