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Furry friends

Day 4 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge:

Share something that makes you smile.

Animals never fail to make me smile. Ever. And I want to cuddle them all, big and small. Except the insect’ish ones, they give me chills. I need some fur in stead of antennas and alien eyes.

First of all I want to introduce you to my cat Bandit. He’s a wonderful creature, but alas a bit daft – as you can see. He was lying like this for five whole minutes. Sometimes his tongue lolls out of his mouth – you see the tip of it in the picture – while he’s trying very hard to look intelligent. It’s not working my friend! But I love him anyway, even wrote a silly poem for him: For Bandit.

And this was my other pal Ninja. He left us last year, fighting ’till the end. I found Ninja in the animal shelter when he was still gray. And I was looking for a ‘Sheba commercial’ cat. Well, the similarity only lasted a couple of days: then the dust from the (clean) cat litter in which he had been sleeping in the shelter, was finally removed from his fur. I had a BLACK cat with beautiful golden eyes.

That first week we didn’t see Ninja at all. He was very scared and hid himself in the attic. Then one night I heard him tiptoe downstairs and followed him. He allowed me to caress him for the first time and I raced back upstairs to wake my youngest son Sean. It was 2 AM and pitch dark. I made tea to celebrate this happy occasion and together we stroked Ninja and played with him. The start of a unique friendship.

Once he saved our lives! Well, sort of. A huge dragonfly – with emphasis on dragon – had flown into our living room and was attacking the window, trying to get out. It didn’t succeed in breaking the glass, but it drove us from the room. Peeking around the corner, we saw the most extraordinary spectacle. Ninja, our black assassin – who didn’t hurt a fly – jumped straight unto the windowsill, stared at the beast for a few seconds and then grabbed the dragon by its tail and ran into the garden with it. Sean and me have been pampering our hero that whole day. Apparently Ninja didn’t hurt a fly… except dragonflies!

He made us smile a lot, even when he got very sick. Brave little black panther, I miss you so much. Your loud purring was a token of coziness in our home.

As an extra here’s the link to my thread Cuteness on The One Ring forum – the home of Tolkien online. There are YouTube movies and links to the cutest animal pictures. And I dare you not to go ‘oooooooow’ and ‘aaaaaaaaaaaah’! 😉