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Mother Earth

Day 2 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge:

Name someone who deserves more credit than they get. And how to change things so they get more.


When I read this suggestion, immediately my thoughts went flying towards my parents, my Mom and Dad. I love them dearly. Then they spread towards my family and friends. Without them, my life would be in ruins. They dragged me through disastrous relationships and a difficult divorce. And during this all plus after, my friends have always been there for me, to lift me up when my thoughts spiraled ever down, to offer companionship and solitude. Crazy women and stubborn men, who never let me stray too far on a lonely road. THANK YOU so much, you know who you are. You already have all the credits I have to offer and more.

Then – snuggled warm and cozy in my bed – it struck me: the one that deserves far more credit than she gets, is most definitely Mother Earth.


Though not a mother in the strict sense, man- and womankind owe everything to her. She provides us with natural supplies, plenty of resources and fuels, a climate we can live in. Where we can even travel towards other regions whenever we long for sun or snow. A wild diversity of possibilities. We can find shelter on her skin, breathe in her breath. The earth is alive with flora and fauna in abundance, both on land as in the water. Mother Earth is a growing field, her oceans are filled with fish. Volcanoes provide the most fertile soil there is. She’s given us paradise.

And what do we do to thank her? We abuse her, destroy her precious ecosystems on small and large scale. We pollute the seas and oceans, which are our very life source. We dump nuclear waste deep down in the ground or in the water, piling it on the heads of future generations. Ancient forests are destroyed for building, for clearing space for human ‘culture’. In doing so, we are destroying the natural lungs of the earth, while in these same forests a myriad of flowers and herbs could be flourishing. And destroying a possible cure for fatal diseases.

What can we do to turn this thing around? In what way can we maintain the comfort of modern society while stopping the disaster course we’re on? To start with RESPECT is needed – for each other, for people present and future, for nature, for animals and resources, for the entire earth. It is needed so badly! When we have respect for the world around us, we will change our way of thinking, and with this our actions. We have to stop living our lives and simply taking without considering the costs. We have to give something back before it’s too late. Let’s focus our thoughts and surveys on this field, in stead of warfare and trying to be the richest nations.

Is this the way for children to behave? Mother Earth, I’m so very sorry. You deserve much more credit than we are giving you!