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Peter Gabriel’s New Blood

Last Friday I attended the ‘New Blood‘ show of Peter Gabriel in the GelreDome in Arnhem.

The GelreDome – Netherlands’ largest theater – is also used as a soccer stadium. Perhaps the thrill of the game normally warms up visitors, but not this evening: it was cold and I ended up wearing my coat. Wearing a coat at an indoor concert is inconceivable in my opinion – not because of the actual wearing, but because a performance by a top-artist heats you up, makes your blood flow at top-speed.

The side galleries were closed, so one could either sit on the opposite side of the stage or in the arena. I was already wondering about the chairs down there, but after a few songs I understood.  It was intense listening, a Sunday morning concert. No surging mass of fans near the stage, dancing and singing their hearts out. No, New Blood didn’t necessarily mean Warm Blood.

The orchestra was truly amazing, Peter Gabriel’s voice sublime and the light show stunning. Nonetheless, I wasn’t thrilled. At all. Before the break he performed a number of songs from his new album Scratch my back. As you can hear, it’s all very low-key and I have to say even  somnolent at times.

After the break the maestro played a couple of his old songs. Finally with Solsbury Hill we came alive. Finally one drum was added. And how I need percussion in my music! People got to their feet, a few even started dancing down in the arena. For a while the good old concert mood hit GelreDome.

I looked forward to this concert very much, listening to Gabriel’s  songs in my collection, on YouTube. My heart yearned to hear and feel his songs. And I do understand artists need to renew their work, find new ways to express their amazing talents. But this show was not worth the money we paid. On our way back we didn’t even listen to the CD Vman bought before the show. We were in serious need of drums and beat!


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6 thoughts on “Peter Gabriel’s New Blood

  1. It was not only us. During the break in the foyer, I didn’t even see one enthusiastic fan, heard no excited words about the show. Everyone was very subdued and calm.

    Peter Gabriel’s voice is as extraordinary as ever and he made quite an accomplishment with this album and the shows. But not for me 🙂

    Thanks for leaving your comment Nancy!


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